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Organic food and drink

Quite simply, we're Dublin's leading location for organic produce!

Shelves of organic produce at the Co-opDublin Food Co-op was one of Ireland's pioneering advocates for organic food. Today, it makes up the vast majority of what we carry, sourced from Irish producers wherever possible.

In addition to our extensive range of pre-packed wholefoods, every Saturday our producer members bring together Dublin's best selection of fresh organic fruit, vegetables, herbs, cheeses, bakery - and much more besides.

The following list of the Co-op's core produce is not exhaustive but gives and outline of its scope. Co-op members can avail of bulk purchase discounts and special orders.

Dried and packet goods

  • organic dried beans and pulses
  • organic nuts and seeds
  • organic dried fruit
  • organic rice and grains - including bulgar, buckwheat, millet, quinoa
  • organic flour - including wheat, spelt, rice, maize, soy, quinoa
  • organic baking supplies, cake mix and bread mix
  • organic oats
  • organic breakfast cereals, muesli, granola, etc
  • organic noodles
  • organic pasta - including wheat, kamut, spelt, rice, buckwheat and corn varieties
  • organic packet soups
  • organic non-wheat breads - rye, spelt
  • organic pitta bread
  • organic pizza bases - wheat and spelt
  • organic tortillas / wraps
  • organic croissants - spelt, kamut
  • organic crisps, corn chips and snacks
  • organic crispbreads, ricecakes, oatcakes, etc
  • organic herbs and spices
  • organic vegetable stock
  • organic sun dried tomatoes
  • organic dried shiitake mushrooms
  • organic sugar
  • organic chocolate
  • organic liquorice
  • organic biscuits, cookies and shortbread
  • organic flapjack, snack bars and energy bars
  • organic halva
  • organic baby food

Processed Goods - cans/jars/bottles/refrigerated

  • organic oils and ghee
  • organic soy creams, oat creams, etc
  • organic baked beans
  • organic beans and pulses
  • organic tomatoes and tomato products (eg puree, passata, ketchup)
  • organic sweetcorn
  • organic olives
  • organic pickles
  • organic mustard
  • organic cider vinegar
  • organic mayonnaise and egg-free mayonnaise
  • organic vinaigrette
  • organic patés and spreads
  • organic dips
  • organic pasta sauces and cooking sauces
  • organic soups
  • organic yeast extract
  • organic soy sauce, tamari, teriyaki, etc
  • organic chutney
  • organic curry paste
  • organic coconut milk
  • organic Japanese specialty foods (eg miso, amazake, umeboshi)
  • organic honey, jams and marmalades
  • organic syrups - maple, agave, rice
  • organic canned fruit
  • organic peanut butter, nut butters, tahini
  • organic tofu and tempeh
  • organic vegeburgers, veggie sausages and veggie rashers
  • organic falafel
  • organic hummus
  • organic butter and margarine
  • organic soy yoghurt
  • organic cow's milk yoghurt


  • organic soy, rice, oat and nut milks
  • organic tea
  • organic coffee - all Fairtrade
  • organic herb and fruit teas
  • organic cocoa powder
  • organic caffeine free-drinks
  • organic fruit juices and cordials
  • organic canned drinks
  • organic children's drinks
  • organic goat's milk

Pet Food

  • organic dog food and dog snacks


Non-Organic Food

For some types of food, such as sea vegetables or sea salt, no organic certification is available. Otherwise, wherever possible, we aim to stock certified organic items. Our inventory includes over 1,000 food products eligible for organic certification and we are proud that only a handful are currently non-organic. Stocking non-organic products has proved necessary to fully meet member needs, such as special diets, but we will always seek to source adequate organic alternatives if they become available.