Corn Syrup Phased Withdrawl


The Products group in the Co-op has recently decided to phase out products which contain corn syrup. As many of you will already know corn syrup is often a hidden sugar in many products such as fizzy drinks, tomato ketchup and biscuits. On our food shelves in the Co-op it was in some of the Doves Farm biscuits and the lollipops.

Our reasons for working to phase out products containing corn syrup are that the corn syrup often originates from genetically modified corn and also that it is essentially a particularly addictive ingredient. Obviously we can attempt to control the amount of sweet stuff we or our children eat but corn syrup seems to be particularly sinister in its effect on the body. In the States, it has been commonly linked to obesity, especially in children as it is generally a hidden ingredient and also as consumption can actually cause us to want to eat more (leptin is suppressed and we continue to feel hungry after eating). Also, Professor Leri in Canada recently did some research on corn syrup and found that it can have an addictive effect similar to that brought about by cocaine. For further information please check out the links below.

Natural News or this article in a recent Irish Examiner.

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