Member Feedback

Member Feedback

Helen explaining why she shops Co-op


"You can go into shops and everything is that little bit old and stale but with the Co-op some of it is just picked that morning, plus there's an absolutely wonderful variety of dried produce. The Co-op is always open for you to suggest an item and willing to order it in. Plus the sense of community - it's a real feel-good place."
- Helen



Claire explaining why she shops Co-op


 "I come here for the organic produce and also I think there's a great sense of community about it. I often come here either for a coffee on a Saturday morning and do the shopping or leave it later until the afternoon and maybe have pizza in the café. Sometimes when the sun is shining it's nice to sit outside for a few hours."
- Claire, on right, pictured with Mairaid



Thomas explaining why he and his family shop Co-op


 "Organic food is very important. Buying organic can be expensive and I think the co-op concept is good, to share cost across a number of people. The quality of the food, the friendliness of the people and the atmosphere are why we come."
- Thomas, pictured with Tara and daughter Blathnaid



Brian explaining why he shops Co-op


 "We've found a great benefit from getting all the fresh organic vegetables. It's very hard to get them in the supermarkets and the standard here is much better. We feel part of the community here. We come in from Howth every week and we meet all the regulars."
- Brian, pictured with Patricia



Patricia and Cecily explaining why they shop Co-op

 "We're fed up with supermarket food - it's tasteless. Here it's much fresher and we get wonderful eggs. I have wonderful memories of eating fresh eggs, there's nothing like it. Everything is fresher and there's a nice atmosphere, a sort of cameraderie. We come every Saturday."
- Patricia (left)

"I'm always looking for Irish organic produce and it's hard to get. We like to buy from the growers so it's not in storage and travelling around for weeks."
- Cecily (right)

Seán explaining why he shops Co-op


 "I like the ideology behind co-operatives and I prefer to shop in this way, a way that supports local communities, Fairtrade and local business and that by-passes multinationals and the supermarkets. Aside from all that it's just nicer, it's relaxed, it's something different. Being vegetarian, mostly vegan, I find it's a great way of getting the stuff I want to eat without having to root around too much. I also like to sit and have a cup of coffee and some food - it's all here."
- Seán, pictured with Caitríona


Bernadette explaining why she shops Co-op

 "I've been a member for twenty years, from the early days when it was founded. And in those days you were considered a bit freakish if you were coming to a place looking for food that wasn't full of pesticides and ethically sourced and so it was lovely that there was a place like the Co-op. And it has grown and grown and I'm just delighted that there is such a place in Dublin - I come every week. I like its ethos and its inclusiveness - there's all nationalities here, all ages, from the very young to the very old and everything in between. It's a brilliant, community based-project."
- Bernadette


Cover of 'Slow Dublin'


 "It's not at all po-faced; the large indoor space is a hive of community buzz overflowing with goodness. All the veggies are organic and locally grown. One lovely stall sells and eclectic mix of wildflowers, dusty berries and muddy spuds that look like they were dug up only minutes before. There's a baker, a cheese stall, ...and even eco-friendly cleaning products at the dry goods stall. The place is always packed with kids, and baby-changing facilities are a thoughtful touch."
- Anto Howard, 'Slow Dublin', Affirm Press