Our owner-members volunteer in every area of Co-op operations - stocktaking, building maintenance, publicity, event organising, shelf-stacking, finance, cleaning, IT, and product research. Whether you can offer the Co-op specialist skills or general help, you'll always be welcomed as a volunteer!


Help Rotas - 2h every 5 weeks :

  • Shop/Core Area / Zero-Waste AreaPlease contact helprota[at]dublinfood.coop
  • Welcome Desk (on Saturdays)Admin Office for memberships (Thursday - Friday): Please contact admin[at]dublinfood.coop


Co-ordinating Body Member - You can take a leaderful role in our CB by joining us today. The CB plays a critical role in long-term strategic planning and operational oversight.

Please contact the CB Secretary for more information.


Joining Working Groups

Working Groups oversee particular areas of Co-op operations including premises, products, and communications/IT. They provide input to the CB and staff and are led by ordinary members. Working group members who attend the monthly meetings receive the additional 10% volunteer discount. Contact the working groups directly if you wish to volunteer.

Working group contacts:
Communications & IT
Ethics & Governance

Products Group

Joining the Help Rota

Dublin Food Co-op volunteersThe Co-op gets set up for trading thanks to its help rota volunteers who check in pallets of new deliveries, stack the shelves, tidy up at the end of day, and look after general upkeep. These teams work on a 5 week cycle and each volunteer commits to a regular two hour shift, either on Wednesday, Thursday, Friday or Saturday. On Thursdays and Fridays, the main focus is the afternoons (until around 5pm). Saturday is the busiest day with around 10 members working between morning set-up and evening close down. In addition, two further teams undertake monthly stocktakes and floor mopping.

Help Rota volunteers receive the additional 10% discount.

Joining the Welcome Desk

Patient and positive members are needed to volunteer on the Co-op's Saturday welcome desk. Contact our office at admin[at]dublinfood.coop for more information.

We are always on the look out for new volunteers, particularly those with specialised skills like sparks, plumbing, painting, web development, legal, and human relations.

For insurance reasons, volunteers must be paid up members.

Once you begin working on the help rota, you get a 15% discount at the Co-op tills each time you shop.

Contact the Help Rota: 
helprota [at] dublinfood.coop

Volunteer, make new friends, and get an extra 10% off!