October 2013 Harvest at Olivieri Olive Oil


Lino's LogoFresh oil, straight from the vines!       

As well as being 100% Italian olive oil and completely natural, the  Olivieri oil is packaged and delivered in its freshest state.Laying the mesh

Once a year, immediately after the new oil is crushed at the frantoio (olive oil press and factory), we bring it in directly.   We are one of the only sources in Ireland making available this rare and wonderful  olio nuovo, literally "new oil.".  This is a once-a-year opportunity. One of the great pleasures of being in Italy in November and December is tasting the oil just as it comes from the press, All of our olio nuovo is completely unfiltered.



 About the Oil:

This oil has a unique, rich, fruity aroma capturing the essence of the wild herbs nearby, such as wild fennel, broom brush and rosemary. Olivieri olive oil is cold-pressed and grown without the use of fertiliser. This produces oil that is both extraordinarily aromatic and light in taste.It has a light flavour with a slight hint of vanilla. Soon after harvest you will notice a delicious peppery heat to it – this is completely natural and fades somewhat over time.

The olive trees that produce this oil are hundreds of years old and are situated high above the Adriatic coastline, near the family home, in what is now known as The National Park of Gargano. The variety of olive is the ‘Ogliarola Garganica’, which is an endemic species of olives only grown in Gargano, making this oil truly 100% Italian.

Volunteers at the press  Volunteers with a bucket in the field   Chilling in the sun



It can be ideally used for dipping with bread, salads, in cook and for baking.

Enquires and order to:

Lino Olivieri, m: 086 8681 803.



The new oil is coming next week and will be on sale on Saturday 14th of December at Dublin Food Coop.