Producer Members

Local produce from local people

In addition to Dublin Food Co-op's extensive core products, fresh organic fruit and vegetables, local producers sell a vast array of fresh, organic, and artisan produce on Saturdays.

These Producer Members are an integral part of the co-op and contribute much to its atmosphere and sense of community. They also support the Co-op by sharing 10% of their trading "turnover".

Our producer members

Organic fruit, vegetables, herbs, cheese, and eggs

Organic fruit, vegetables, herbs and eggs image

Bread, pastries, cakes and biscuits

Bread, pastries, cakes and biscuits image


Packaged oils and foodstuffs

Packaged foods and oils image


Hot food, salads and drinks

  • Aga Sierpinska- Co-op Café
  • Katerina Psimopoulis - A Taste of Greece
  • Bala Moorthy - Vegeplanet
  • Siraj Zaidi - North Indian Gourmet Delight
  • Raw Foods


  • Sophie Rieu* - Unicorn Design (clothing)
  • Susan Kelly - Naturamatics (personal care products)
  • Melissa Garrigan (aromatherapy oils)
  • Laura Turner (new and second-hand books)
  • Anna Felton (craft and beadwork)
  • Petre Nicolescu - Simply Water (water filters and treatment)
  • Kate Park - Bare Essentials
  • Xavier Verkamest - Amatsu
  • Ursula O'Reilly+ - Ula Design (jewellry)
  • Eibhlin O'Callaghan - Nature Cures

* Monthly

+ Fortnightly

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