New Products

New Products

Co-op members can request consideration of new lines by completing a suggestion slip from the Products Group noticeboard in our core produce area (near the coffee shelf). Special Orders are also possible.

Kilbeggan Porridge Oats


Kilbeggan Porridge Oats, 0.5kg and 3kg (Ireland)

These Irish-grown oats, from Pat Lalor's Ballard Organic Farm in Co. Westmeath, make for a creamy porridge. Both fine and jumbo oats are available and there's the chance to buy both in bulk with the 3kg bags. Paper packaging is used in all cases.

Pat has extended his cereals production over recent years and welcomes visitor groups to his mixed farm.

Dave: "Many members told the Products Group they wanted more choice in Irish organic oats - and not just oats labelled Irish because they're packed in Ireland! That's why sourcing these oats from Pat was the ideal addition to our shelves. They're the real deal - and tasty, too!"


Traidcraft Fairtrade Rubber Gloves (Sri Lanka)

Choosing Traidcraft rubber gloves helps small farmers in Sri Lanka, who tap trees to harvest natural rubber, with the guarantee of a regular income and a fair price.


Drumeen Farm Happy Heart Oil, 500ml (Ireland)

This is an award winning Irish organic cold-pressed rapeseed oil with a great taste and a low carbon footprint. Produced by Kitty Colchester's Second Nature Oils in Urlingford, County Kilkenny, its journey to Dublin is just 130km.

Rapeseed oil has similar health benefits to those associated with olive oil, yet unlike most 'single' oils can be heated to deep-frying temperature without its antioxidants, character, colour and flavour spoiling.

John McKenna (Irish Times): "Since I have begun to use the oils in my cooking, I haven’t looked at a bottle of imported olive oil. I drizzle Kitty Colchester’s Happy Heart Oil over vegetables and use it as the base of salad dressings... If the basis of our cooking stems from locally produced, health-giving oils, then food can truly become our medicine."


Equal Exchange Organic Peanut Butter, 280g (Mozambique)

These tasty peanut butters are made from Fairtrade organic peanuts grown in Mozambique, thereby contributing to local poverty reduction. They're a great option for those concerned about human rights issues and/or food miles in buying produce from China, now the source of a significant proportion of the world's organic peanut supply. Available in crunchy and smooth, salted and unsalted combinations.

Marita: "This is honest-to-goodness, proper peanut butter, with good crunchy bits in and a rich, roasted peanut taste. No need for extra oil... or anything else. And not a Chinese peanut in sight!"

» Read more at the Equal Exchange website


Clearspring Organic Oatcakes, 250g (Britain)

Available in both plain and sea vegetable and black pepper varieties, these Scottish-made oatcakes not only have a great taste but are the only organic oatcakes we could locate made with olive oil, rather than palm oil, with all its associated environmental issues.

Dave: "These oatcakes come boxed in four pouches of five and have a consistency that's neither too firm nor too crumbly. The plain variety are tasty enough, but for a touch of zip then check out the sea veg and black pepper variety - a particularly delicious combination."

» Read more at the Clearspring website


Fairtrade Cooking Chocolate, 1kg (Equador/Italy)

This cooking chocolate comes to us via a Fairtrade link-up between the El Salinas growers' co-operative in Ecuador and the Equoland co-op in Italy. These big chunky chocolate blocks are minimally packaged, with no cardboard outer wrap.

Cecilia: "El Salinas is a very big project that dates back to the 70s... It has many different aspects with the main aim being to give the local communites a livelihood in a sustainable, resilient and dignified manner. I loved the emphasis on education for children, women groups, environment, diversification of skills (including community radio!) and products, so that they don't have to rely on one product or skill only for survival, but can try different areas. All the different aspects are run locally with some financial help by the state and from abroad".