General Meetings

General Meetings

As a consumer co-operative, we are run on the basis of participatory democracy. General meetings of the membership are our sovereign decision-making body.

Ordinary General Meetings

Our Annual General Meeting is the main Ordinary General Meeting, although others can be held throughout the year. Members can put motions to these meetings by making proposals or opening up discussion around issues of policy, co-op operations and other matters of interest or concern. However, constitutional changes cannot be made by an Ordinary General Meeting; this requires a Special General Meeting.

Special General Meetings

These meetings can be called either by the Co-op's Co-ordinating Body or on presentation of signatures from 10% of the membership. SGMs are single issue meetings, whether to determine policy or to effect changes to the Co-op's constitution.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who can attend and participate in these meetings?

Only fully paid members can participate in general meetings. In the case of household memberships, where two shares and two membership cards are held, both persons are entitled to take part. In the case of regular memberships, where membership cards sometimes list a second family member, only the shareholder will be able to participate in the meeting.

Please note that regular memberships can be upgraded to household memberships at any time, on payment of the appropriate additional fee.

My membership is not up to date. Can I renew my subscription at the meeting?

Yes. There will be chance to renew membership subscriptions before any meeting. However, new memberships taken on the date of a General Meeting do not become effective for attendance at that meeting.

Is there provision for proxy voting?

Under the constitution, the aim is for all decisions to be by consensus. There is provision for voting where consensus cannot be achieved, but there is no provision for proxy voting, only for those members attending the meeting to participate in a vote.

My notice of the meeting came by post. Can I get email instead?

Yes. For legal reasons, if you wish to receive notifications and paperwork in email format, a signed permission slip is required. Permission slips are available from the Welcome/Membership desk on any Saturday and at any General Meeting.

My contact details are out of date. How do I update them for Co-op communications?

Change of address or email can be notified at the Welcome Desk on any Saturday or send us an email with your name and membership number.